Animation does not Play (no joint on gameObject)


What I am trying to do :

I have created an empty gameObject and then I put has 2 Plane-meshes inside it (created in Unity). I want to play animation on this gameObject without any script control ( i.e. animation that plays once by itself - no external script trigger).

What I have done so far :

  • I have the gameObject with 2 Plane-meshes inside it and there Planes dont have any joint.
  • I have also attached as “Animation” component to the gameObject and I have created desired animation clip.
  • Animation clip is assigned as a default animation of the “Animation Component” and is set as “Play Automatically”.
  • I have tested animation clip and it animates the gameObject fine when I am in editing animation clip.


What is the Problem :

But when I run game it does not play animation at all.


I create the animation by clicking on the gameobject and then making it. I don’t attach it or add an animation component. Just set the loop mode to whatever you want in the inspector.