Animation doesn't play when calling it with a script!!

My Animation doesn’t play when I’m calling it with a script!? I have animation component with a clip called Shot on my object. What’s wrong, i have tried everything. Here’s my script:

function Update () 

Try changing the line to : Animation.Play(“Shot”);
[Unity is known to have issues with capitalisation]

Are you using an animator component or the older animation component?
If you are using the older component or you are getting a warning that the animation needs to be set as legacy, try to set the animation clip as “legacy” if you imported it from a 3D package. If you made it in unity, click the animation clip file in the Project panel, then click the drop down icon next to the lock icon on the top right of the inspector panel, and from the drop down menu select “debug”.
Then in the box for “animation type” write 1. (That will force it into legacy.)

Also, did you double check in the editor, just to see if the clip is actually connected to the object? I get that sometimes.