Animation doesn't work when set up in Animation Controller

I’m a relatively new user, currently doing a solo project for college in Unity.

I’ve been following Survival Shooter tutorial (

Among other things, I’ve tried setting up my own enemies. One of those is a free asset from Asset store, as seen here: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

Problem is, I’ve tried setting up its animations the way it was set up in the tutorial, but the animations does not work for some reason.

I create an Animator Controller, set up parameters and states, but it still doesn’t work. The spider just remains in its Idle state

Here’s a screenshot of some of the mentioned stuff:

What am I missing?

If it matters, at first I got message that I can’t use those animations because they are Legacy or something, so I went and Copy-pasted spider model within the folder. After Spider - Copy was automatically imported in project, I used animations from that to assign to Animator Controller and then it worked.

Click on the model (fbx, obj …) in Project window and in inspector under Rig change Animation Type to Generic
Then in the Animator Component set The controller and Spider Avatar