Animation-driven Character Movement

How can I move a character without foot sliding?

I guess I want to read the movement made by the root/hip joint of the animation and move the collider accordingly.

Mixamo released a Unity project file which includes an 'Animation-Driven Character Controller' powered by a RootMotionComputer script, created by Adam Mechtley. It allows the developer to use actual animation curves to drive the motion of the root of the character, instead of using a procedural approach which would lead in general to a worse quality and motion artifacts like foot slide.

You can download the project file, as well as see video tutorials about its use here:

Check out Locomotion:

it's an inverse kinematics system for unity, with an example project to try

Really an old thread! And I guess you probably have already found some kind of solution. The new mechanism system provides quite a good api compared with the legacy animation system. For mechanism, you can simply read the velocity of your humanoid for the last frame, then assign this to the character’s rigidbody. It is super easy. If you want to extend a bit, you can also get delta position and rotation from last frame.

Hope this answer could act as a complement.