Animation Event Bug

Ok so I have an object and it has an animator component attached and a script…
now inside that script, I have a function called “shoot”.
The problem is when I tried to add an animation event, the function shoot won’t show up!(well no function shows up on the dropdown menu)
Is this a unity bug or what?
I tried creating a new project and do the same thing, but this time I can see my created functions…

Why not just do something simple like this (js):

private var GunAnimator : Animator;
var FireRate = 1.0;

function Start ()
	GunAnimator = gameObject.GetComponent(Animator);

function Update ()
	if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) && counter > FireRate)
		counter = 0.0;
		//And instantiate your bullet here too...
	counter += Time.deltaTime;