Animation Event not triggering the string?

Hello, My animation event window looks like this.

alt text

And here are my event functions:

void AnimEvent(int num){
Debug.Log("Num "+num);

void AnimEvent(string str){
Debug.Log("Str "+str);

However, the game only prints out Num 0 every time.
If I remove the int function, then the string works fine, but as long as the int function exists, it ONLY sends the event to the int. Am I doing something wrong here?

(Note, I will soon need the int function for other animations, so I can’t just remove it)

Found out the solution. It only calls 1 function, and so it can be set like this

void AnimEvent(AnimationEvent e){	
Debug.Log("Str "+e.stringParameter);
Debug.Log("Num "+e.intParameter);

The AnimationEvent class contains all parameters. Leaving this here for anyone else to see, as the animation event documentation is quite outdated and unhelpful.