Animation Event Parameters Lost After Unity Restart

I've set parameters for 2 animation events and whenever i restart unity, those parameters are lost and i have to go back to the animation window to set them back. It's not hard now for 2 functions but if i had many more, it would be a big problem.

Is there a way to retain them? Does "Function Not Supported" tip relate to this?

What kind of parameters? Is it objects? If so then it might be expected behaviour.

AnimationEvents can only store references to objects that are assets, not objects in a scene. This is because an AnimationClip (that the events are stored in) is itself an asset that could be used in many different scenes.

This is not easy to know though. We will change the dialog so it doesn't allow you to pick objects in the scene. Until then, just don't select objects in the scene for use in AnimationEvents.