Animation events not showings my functions

I’ve just created a ‘wake’ animation for my FPS controller and got it animating correctly. I now want to add an event at the end of the animation to enable controls, etc, but when I select the function to add, all I get are about 10 default Unity Engine functions such as ‘update’ ‘updateFunction’ ‘tooSteep’ etc.

How do I get my own functions to appear within the drop down?

Thanks as always UA Community!

You can’t make your own functions appear in the animation window as far as I know.
But you can make a script with a Boolean value then say if that is enabled, do your functions. You will be able to access your Boolean value from the animation window.

The FPS controller simply has too many functions attached to it to display your own functions after showing them.

I created an empty GO, stuck the controller inside and then animated the GO rather than the controller itself.