Animation flipped 180 degrees with .fbx export from Blender

As much as I’ve googled, I cannot find any info about this problem. Am I really the only one?

When exporting an armature animation from Blender with .fbx format and playing it in Unity, it always flips the model 180 degrees before playing it. It sometimes also moves the model to the origin. Both issues shown in the picture below.

Any idea what causes this and how to fix it? I’ve spent hours trying all kinds of things. The flipping issue I was once able to solve by adding a keyframe to frame 0 that contained the location, rotation and scale data, but that only worked once.


Well it looks like it’s caused by the existence of LocRotScale keyframes in Blender, i.e. keyframes related to the objects rather than the bones. That includes the armature itself. Only the bones should have keyframes, not the top level armature object. It can be cleaned up either in Blender if possible (in my case I couldn’t always find any such keyframes), or you can simply remove those properties in Unity from the animation window after import.

Also, exporting with FBX version 6.1 instead of 7.4 from Blender seems to eliminate the flipping problem regardless, but not the origin problem.

I’ll post my answer here because I’ve seen it nowhere else, and it cost me to delete 3 animations for nothing :
When I export my model from blender, in the “transform” section I choose -Y forward and Z up (like blender), and UNTICK “Use space transform”. I have no idea why, but that was the critical thing for me.

When I tick it and check my animations in the import preview window, they’re flipped 180. When I don’t tick it, they face forward properly.