Animation from 3dsMax to Unity

This should be an easy one right?

Anyone know of a simple step by step example of how to animate something in 3d Studio Max (2010) and get it into Unity? I have tried messing with FBX all day and no luck. I thought this would be a bit easier than it is. I must be missing something simple. Thanks in advance.


This is not an isolated incident Troy, I am having the exact same problem, and to verify that it is NOT me I made an EXTREMELY simple flag waving animation and have been trying to get that working for about a week now. I have attempted exports from max with every possible FBX exporter, I tried saving the .max file directly, I even went and stole Lerpz from the platform demo and attempted to get HIM to animate with the demo animations set up exactly like they are in the demo! NO LUCK. Yes, the documentation is horrible. But it seems to be a general trend with every single game engine that I have evaluated in the last few months. I find that I get more usable information from youtube videos than the actual creators of the software. I guess it is possible that this issue is a version problem and that there is just something really different about MAX 2010 that makes it not work right.

I am on my last straw, and if I can't solve this issue soon it's probably gonna be off to NeoAxis land for me.

Unity only supports skeletal animation, that is, animation using bones. If you are talking about other types of animation (animating vertices or similar) that won't work.

You cannot use modifiers because unity (together with all the other game engines) doesn't have all these space warps and parametric animation tools in order to understand ...what bend and twist and ripple 90 degrees in x axis means.

If you want to do vertex animation you should do it through bones, even if it is a flag. Three flat bones controlling your flag, skin modifier, collapse the trajectories of the bones from the motion panel in max before saving. By using bones unity will understand that you are doing vertex animation.

Direct vertex animation will be a very welcomed new feature but as far as I am aware it is not announced yet. forum

If you have a problem with exporting a simple motion like moving, rotating or scaling an object then could you please explain a bit more what is happening ?

If you are using paths to animate, collapse the trajectories to keyframes from the motion panel.

check this script for morphing targets

Well that certainly clears things up a bit guys thanks. So here's what I suggest, in the documentation that everyone likes to reference and send people to, ie: as above -, please change the line number 4 under the first heading topic, or alternatively, simply REMOVE it. As it reads now it appears that UNITY DOES import basic animations, AND bone based animations.

This helps a lot, thanks.


Check this page. Unity Manual on importing max files

Probably there’s a way to achieve this, I saw a video recently that shows a basic transformation using morphe and flex modifiers, this video it’s from black forest team.