Animation from 3rd layer not playing

Hey there, I have an animator with 3 layers: Body, Arms and Weapons. Body and Arms work perfectly, however, the Weapons layer looks like it’s playing to (I see the blue bar) but it doesn’t play in the scene, could anyone tell me why?

void Update() {
    if (Input.GetButtonDown("Slot1") && !weaponEquipped)
                animator.Play("equipM4A4", 2);
                weaponEquipped = true;
                Debug.Log("weapon equip");
            else if (Input.GetButtonDown("Slot1") && weaponEquipped)
                animator.Play("unequipM4A4", 2);
                weaponEquipped = false;
                Debug.Log("weapon unequip");
            else if (!weaponEquipped && !AnimationIsPlaying(animator, "unequipM4A4", 2))
                animator.Play("idleM4A4", 2);
            else if (!AnimationIsPlaying(animator, "equipM4A4", 2))
                animator.Play("equippedIdleM4A4", 2);

I don’t know why. perhaps additive works because the two animations aren’t very conflicting between the body and arms. Additive is a blend of existing animation on main layer and that of the additive layer. In the case of a weapon - where he has it or he doesn’t, you’d want that layer to over ride or do nothing. You’d want 100% of that layer . That is as best as I can explain. Not had much luck in additive. I can see it if you , say, have two walk cycles. One where the character is walking normally , and on another layer he is walking as if he had a huge weight on his shoulders - literally or figuratively. Like he is sad or tired then that layer additive to the base layer - probably even change the blend in code as he gets more tired. But if holding a weapon that should take priority