Animation gameobject of component is missing (Relink objects)

Hi! I think 50% of Unity users have encountered “yellow text” when you change the hierarchy of gameobjects and the animation loses its way. I found answers from 2015, there people could just rename the object path in the Animation window. I use 2020.f3 and the only way to fix it is to change the values in Animation Clip using the code editor.
I don’t understand, isn’t there still no convenient solution to the problem from Unity? Why did they remove the renaming of objects in the Animation window? Or i miss something?

Hey! I think you can still rename the gameObject or the yellow line on the animator window. I have to admit I stumble on it as well, as there is no obvious way of doing this, using the context menu. However, if you press F2 while highlighting the yellow text, you can put any name you want. Hope this helps in the future.