Animation Help !!!

Hi all, Basically what i am trying to do is make a real-time cinematic in my game. What i have planed is when the game starts animation will play which will be walk. Now that works like a charm. But the problem that i am having is the animation walks in one spot i want him to walk to a point and then stop walking. Now i was thinking would this be best to do in in a 3d package i was thinking should i make the player walking to the door in Max or maya and then import it to Unity and just attach the camera to the player what do you think ?

secondly the second idea that i had was when unity starts play the animation on a loop, i know he will walk in the same spot. I was think to have the player walk to the other point by script while the animation is playing. if this is a good idea how would i do this ?

Personally, I would do all the cinematic in 3DS Max (Or Maya), and then build the environment around them...

This way, you have full control of the models and how they interact with each other. If you want you can do this and implement the Unity physics to the scene, but keep in mind, you will be losing control over the scene by doing this.

From this, I suggest keep all the actual game play to Unity, and cinema to a 3D package.

With this, even like, if you're in the game, and a team mate from your group goes to kick the door down, you can do either or, and its more of a preference...

But just my 2 cents. If this doesn't make sense, say, I know I skipped around a little bit.

Good luck!