Animation ignoring postion change

I have two platforms with animator controllers, parent and child. The parent is suppose to change color and the child is suppose to change color AND position. The parent is fine but the child won’t change positions in play mode during animations, but it will change color. I’m confused because the platform animations work perfectly in previews and build mode. The child has 4 basic platform animations and states in the animator. It switches between them correctly in the animator, but the animations aren’t working right. What could I be missing here and why does my child not animate correctly?

The problem sorted itself out. I literally did not interact with the parent or child at all.
I’ll add some more context to this situation in case anyone else get my problem.

The two platforms mentioned are saved as a prefab. The prefab has one animator for the “blinking” platform (the one that just changes colors) but no animator for the moving platform (I added it in after making the platform). They’re the first of their kind so no previous version of the platforms could’ve affected this one. I do have other newer platforms based on this prefab that had no animator for the “moving platform” as well. My current theory is that since all of the platforms are based on this prefab and the new ones only had an animator for the blinking platform, the newer platforms “stole” or otherwise manipulated the movement of the original platforms. Hope that makes sense or helps anyone in need.

If anyone else has insights to this though, its still appreciated (it could help someone in need later!).