Animation (IK solvers) doesn't work in Unity

I made an animated model of a scorpion with IK solvers (no bones) in 3D Max, but the animation doesn't work in Unity: Translation & rotation of the whole model works, but not the animation of legs and arms (IK solvers). I tried collapsing the IK solvers and baking the animation, but that didn't work.

Any thoughts ?

Are you importing animation as max or fbx? If as max then put checkbox "Bake animation" on in Unity. If as fbx, then you have to bake animation in from max menu, or during export (during export is preferred).

Which Max are you using? Make sure to update to latests plugins (2011). You can always try importing your fbx animation back into max and see if it looks correct - if it does, then the problem is not on Unity side.


If baking anim within 3ds max doesn't work, you could try to add another layer in your rig so that you don't need the end effector animation at all.

When you bake IK anim within max, can you save as fbx and then open that fbx within max again, if the anim are ok then it's within Unity that the problem is, else it's within max.