animation import from softimage to Unity

Hi everyone! I need some help, please. Can i store/plot the animation in ‘‘Animation clip’’(mixer) and export it to Unity in fbx file? or i have to do a simple animation with keys? i need to give more than an action to my character.
Thank you!!

Hi, I have the same problem, if you manage to solve it please reply how you do it.
I started to look some alternatives, and start to make the animations in Motion Builder.
If you have still this problem maybe you should look into these alternative.

What Orde said is the only way I could do it as well. Bring it into Motion Builder and animate on different Takes. It works great, just have to change the Settings - Interaction mode to Softimage to give you the same keyboard layout. When creating a new take I had to copy data from previous Take to new take to get the results I needed in Unity. Good luck.