Animation importing question

Hi I am exporting from 3d Max as an fbx, but I get this error : "The plug-in does not support the non-orthogonal TRS matrices. Such deformation or animation may not be converted correctly. Some information will be lost:"

Would this cause animations not to run in Unity? Because when I drag the character into the scene they are just in the t pose and I can't seem to get the animation to run.

Its a animation with several elements, idle walk, turn etc so its a fairly long animation.

So far I haven't had any success in getting animation to run in Unity. I think I must be missing a check box or something.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at this post on the Autodesk forums..

And to answer your question if the FBX plugin is not exporting certain data (which your animations may rely on), there's a good chance they were not exported to Unity as they never existed in your FBX file in the first place.