Animation is not working anymore

Hey there, again a question I’m struggling to answer.

Here’s a video of my main menu (I’m sorry for the quality, this is my very first video on youtube). While clicking on settings, I animate my camera and move it back and forth.

Now, if I ever go to my actual game, and back to the main menu, my animation is not working anymore.

I did try trace everything using Debug.log(). My scripts are working fine, my methods are called properly. As you can see in the Animator, my bool parameters are well mended but there’s no movement anymore.

Any idea why ?

EDIT : Sorry, the camera is not selected at the end, so you cannot see the bool parameters changing. But they do change :slight_smile: I doubled checked it right after posting.

I found out what the issue was.
I forgot to reset the time.scale to 1