Animation is playing in a Blend Tree, but the same animation does not show up on screen?

I have a character with two layers, one for the upper torso, one for the legs/etc. The masks are set up properly, and at least the “idle” animation plays correctly. However, when I start moving forward, the
animation fails to actually show up in the game:

Each layer is set to 1:1 to properly control it’s own animations, and the animation is triggered by “Movement”, tied to vertical - which you can also see playing:

mecanim.SetFloat(“Movement”, Mathf.Abs(_vertical), 0.15f, Time.deltaTime);

Even stranger, the animation plays in the preview window and acts like it ought to be playing correctly.

This is the only animation controller in the file, and it’s set correctly too. I’m not sure what is going on
here - does anyone have any suggestions?

Set the skinned mesh renderer to update when offscreen (there’s a checkbox for it in the inspector when you click on the mesh in the hierarchy).

I’m having a very similar problem. I’m making extensive use of blendtrees which work perfectly in the inspector…but ingame it is sometimes playing a different anim from the one in the inspector window. Seems to happen after I’ve deleted anims from the blendtree, but once it’s broken it stays broken. Update when offscreen does not fix it. Unity tell me they’re unaware of this bug but I haven’t had time to create a repro case yet…