Animation Issue

Good morning,

I have been attempting to animate a character and I am having some issues. Below is a video of the trouble I am having.

Would anyone be able to assist or let me know what additional information may be needed to get an answer?

Thank you,

More info is needed to suggest solutions to the problem.
My first guess is the scale values of the model are not right.

Did you model Link from scratch?
If yes or no - the model has to have zero’d uniform scale values. This is done in a modeling package.

Pretty sure Unity can’t fix non zero’d scale values, and I believe Unity doesn’t read original mesh scale value - only the imported mesh scale value - so it will read 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 in Unity regardless if the scale of the mesh was reset correctly or not before import.

In Max resetting/zeroing the scale can be achieved by applying a reset Xform modifier on the mesh and then collapsing the modifier stack.
In blender and maya - there are forum posts explaining how to do this properly.

Resetting/zeroing the scale value of the mesh has to be done before rigging - so most likely rigging and mixamo stuff will need to be redone.