Animation Issue

Let’s say we’ve got a simple script:

  (Input.GetButton ("Aiming") && Input.GetButton ("Action")){

But if I let “Action” button up almost immediately or trying to press the button very fast the animation clip doesn’t play till the very end. Is there any solution to make animation play it’s full length, so that the next action (button press) will be available only after animation’s finished? Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

The animation is not playing. Using this code leads to disabling “shoot” animation at all.

your recognizing both the aim button and the fire button to cause the shoot animation.

to test this remove the aiming portion of the if statement

run code

use fire button

if you can fire successfully, make a nested if statement

(if"aiming") { show crosshair
(if"action") {play"shoot"}//end ifaction
}//end if aiming