Animation Keeps Playing In Global Coordinates


I have a model of a pistol with recoil and reload animations. When either of these animations are triggered 2 problems occur.

1 - The animation plays in world (global) settings rather than local - the animation has been imported from Maya. (so the model snaps to 0,0,0)

2 - It doesn't play the full length of my animation. For example, the recoil animation involves the slide of the pistol to kick back and then come forward - but it doesn't come forward all the way - as if its ignoring the last frame??

I've checked my split animation import many times and its correct - in Maya, the recoil is from frame 1 - 8. I have placed this into Unity and it plays it like frames 1 - 7.

What is going on?


1) It is expected behaviour. Parent your object to another object and move parent object where you want. This is common "problem", there are plenty of answers about it :)

2) I think I answered this on your other question. Just one more thing: if you're using animation splitting, then keep in mind that there is a bug with Unity 3.1/3.0 and Maya 2011 - incorrect framerate is imported. It always import as 30fps, so if you're using animation splitting and Maya2011, you better use 30fps framerate in Maya. It is fixed in Unity 3.2.

dear Paulius Liekis, could you dis-ambiguate that, you mean put the anim on the object or parent or what? when do you edit the animation?