Animation Lag With Maximo?

SO I have tried a few different running animations from maximo entwined with my models. I have actually followed a tutorial from the people I have purchased the models from in order to add these animations. So with that said, I believe I have everything set up properly. However when the running is initiated, everything works fine, but the running is lagging back and forth. As if its trying to catch up with itself.

I did however download these animations in 60FPS, which is what the tutorial told me to do. These models are low polygon so I feel it shouldnt be an issue whatsoever for my current scenes. On top of it, I am developing all this on Alienware (believe it or not, I know… I know…).

But ya… With that said, after trying a few different running animations, the lag seems to persist? Should I perhaps try these animations in 30FPS? I just dont think that should matter for my particular setup…
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Really people???.. Still curious of this… Is it just mixamo? Ive noticed some weren’t lagging, but some were… Seems to be all the walking animation ate stuttering…

@EsC369 I also had the same issue, the run animation was so weird by mixamo. Did you set the animation and the character to humanoid rig and the if that was correctly set up?

I edited the animation in the animation window (of unity inbuilt), and seen that after some frames had passed, the left leg started going down from the ground plane.(as seen from the left view). So i placed a cube and scaled it so that it is just below the legs of character, and corrected each keyframe of the wrong part manually.
Then i saw that the character was also shifting left from its center, so i corrected that also

Try To view the animation in animation window and the character from each view (in ISO, not in perspective) and correct the keyframes as according to you.

But, some lag does exist now, can’t resolve much of it.

Sorry for this contacted answer, but I don’t now how to add a blank line here?