Animation Legacy behavior -> Mecanim animation


I need to reproduce in Mecanim an animation behavior that uses Legacy, 2 sliders and 4 animation clips.

The 4 animations looks like this :


and they all “rejoin” properly, one’s end is another one’s begining.

here is the intended behavior :

so what the sliders do is blend those 4 animations so every positions are possible. i’m sure an IK rig would have done the trick, but there’s still no native Generic IK in Unity right ?
plus it would change our real object hierarchy therefore ruin our 30 or so actual animations

  1. so to be more precise :
  • all animations and sliders goes from 0 to 1.

  • the Height slider controls time of h1 and h2 simultaneously.

  • the Tilt slider controls the weight of those 2 animations
    when Tilt is 0, h1 is 100% and h2 0%
    when Tilt is 0.5, h1 is 50% and h2 50%
    so it blends from h1 to h2 (and im’ sure there’s way better way to do that kind of stuff :slight_smile: but it works

  • and obviously, Tilt controls time of t1 and t2 while Height controls their weight.
    you can check out the scene/scripts to understand what i mean
    here is a package : Send Anywhere

question :
How do i do that in Mecanim ?
I’ve never used it, i really don’t know how it works and I don’t have time right now to understand it :confused:

Please, can someone provide a similar package with a Mecanim version ?

thx a lot in advance !

and feel free to use my actual script anywhere, tho it’s Js and AnimLegacy…

cheers :wink:

(what ? you can’t attach .unitypackage directly to a question ?)

Mecanim is a bit fully featured to expect to use it without spending time learning how.

Yes, Unity supports IK.
For mixing animations you can use Blend Trees.