Animation legs (Mecanim) + Movement arms (Kinect)

Hi guys,I'm working in a project where I have to controll the movement of the legs and of the avatar with a joystick, and i want to use Mecanim for the animations. And to move the arms, hands, etc i have to use kinect.

So my question is, how i can specify to the Animator that i want only the animations of legs and feet. I saw there is something similar with Masks, but are when i work with 2 layers. In this case i use only one layer to control legs, and then with a script i control arms and hands with kinect.

Someone can help me?


None can help me????

Try configuring your avatar so that only the lower body bones are assigned. I haven't tested it exactly in your case, but I do a similar thing for my lip sync. By default, the jaw bone gets assigned to the avatar. I set the avatar's jaw to none so my facial animation system can control the jaw bone.

I managed to create a scene like you want.
I describe the process for you, or anyone who will face this problem in the future.

I get a rigged character and set rig to "Humanoid".
After that i added the free "raw mocap package" from the store. And installed the kinect package too.

I had to create a new animation controller. It has one base layer and i put the needed animation on it and made it loop.
After this just simply add a "animator" to the character, and set the created animation controller.

This is how you can create a animation.
For the kinect control there is an example in the package.

If you want to move the upper body with kinect and animate the legs, you have to add a kinect character controller v2 to the character and a animator too.

Place the kinect character controller v2 on top the animator. The order matters! Set the kinect character controllers "mask" field to "Upper_body" and check the animated checkbox.

You can have further settings on the animation with more detailed animation controller or skeleton masks.

I hope it helps.


Where is the mask option? Is it from an old asset. I can’t see it?

I found it but have never managed to get the Kinect wrapper working, I always have a error.

Hi I have looked at the model controller and wondered exactly how it worked? What are the numbers?

None = 0x0,
Hip_Center = 0x1,
Spine = 0x2,
Shoulder_Center = 0x4,
Head = 0x8,

Im trying to recreate this but I am not using the assets, as I am already using a different assets. How would i recreate this in my own script? I’m not sure what the numbers represent.

Which Kinect package are you guys using? I don't see the mask option in mine?