Animation Locks My aming, please help.

Ive got a side scroll game im working on, basic human character with Just Walk and Idle animations wich both work perfectly on key downs and ups, Now the problem is Im using Mouselook script attached too the Arm of this model and too the arm is parented his Gun, Moving the mouse up and down allows for free style control of that arm on a single Y axis, This works great if I dont have any animations applied to the model.

Once I do apply walking too the model, it takes control of the arm I want too manualy control, the mouselook wont move the aming arm while the animation is playing, so you cant Walk and Aim at the same time.

Ive tryed making sure the Keys and actions in blender are not existing for the Arm bones I want too manualy control if animations is playing or not, this doesnt seem too matter the animation still locks the rotation of the bones I need free.

Do I need cut my model in Half? and just animate the bottom legs? or is there anogher way I could do this? Im not too keen on layers but I was wondering if I could tell unity some how in script too not apply the animation too a certian layer and or Tag?

If you move your aiming code to the LateUpdate function, you should be good to go. LateUpdate runs after the animations have been updated.