Animation Loops Twice

I’m pretty new to animations so bear with me here. I’m having trouble with this animation for my character’s swing. My animation starts with a idle sprite of the character holding the weapon on his right side (This is a top down game). When my left mouse button is pressed the character swings the weapon to the other side of his body, and once the animation is finished the idle sprite is of the character holding the weapon on his left side (and vice versa once clicked again). I’ve done all the coding and transitions, but here’s where the problem is.

I think that the characters swing animation is too slow, so I’ve tried increasing the animations speed, and increasing the animations samples (Which both increase the speed of the animation). BUT when I increase the speed/samples, the animation plays through twice before going to the next idle position. I need a way to either prevent this, or increase the speed without this happening.


(I’ll include the code just in case)

Animator anim;

void Update(){
       if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) {
       anim.SetBool("leftMouseDown", true);
       } else {

CONFIRMED!! Me too. Sent in a bug report

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