Animation master support for Unity


My question is simple:

Does Unity support models animated in Animation Master?
If so, are there any downsides to using Animation Master instead of 3dsMax from a Unity perspective? I don’t care about 3dsMax vs Maya vs Animation Master in general.


While I’m not a Unity expert I do know a lot about Animation Master and 3D Studio as I’ve used them both extensively. Animation Master is a great program for creating characters. You can do that in just about any program, but AM is really geared towards creating that classic claymation look right down to ray-traced awesomness.

The thing about AM is the price for what you get is astounding. Since I’m on a budget, I can’t affoard to purchase software outright. $79USD for a one year license is sweet.

I have been able to port AM objects into Unity but I haven’t explored a lot yet.

Hope that helps.