Animation not importing correctly?

Hey there

I currently am working on a 3D character that I have rigged and animated in Blender. I imported it into Unity and of course there were issues with it. The rig its self is set up fine and the Weight Painting is completely flawless, not to mention the fact that the animation (Walk) is fine in Blender but when I play it back in Unity there is a strange issue with the ankles/feet. I really need a solution to this; I have looked for hours only to find the same answers to a similar question. Any help would be fantastic!

Here is a video of the problem: - YouTube

I believe your problem is that somehow, your rig is not matching the mesh in terms of scale. A mismatch will see either distorted and stretched limbs or a model that has turned in to a spaceship.

Blender IK is not really supported. Unity adds it’s own and only if you have Pro. Blender’s IK is used exclusively to help you keyframe your animations in the modeller. Add more Keyframes for better animation.