Animation not importing right. Blender -> Unity

Hey, I made a windmill in Blender. I used a very basic armature with one bone. I weight painted the entire "spinny part" of the windmill and attached the armature to the windmill.

I finished the animation as well and it spins nicely in Blender.

Problem: When I imported to Unity and played through the animation, the entire windmill spins instead of just the "spinny part".

I'll attach a couple pictures. Thanks for any ideas. alt text alt text alt text

You need to weight paint those other vertices to something. Make another bone in the armature that doesn't move and assign those unweighted vertices to the decoy bone. The problem is all vertices HAVE to be weighted to something if your going to do skinned animation, and if they don't belong to any bones, they're defaulted to one.

For me it looks like you have only one Object. Go into Edit mode and select only the "spinny part" press P to seperate them into two Objects.

Maybe you have to redo the animations, I'm not sure.

The problem is that you joined the spinny part with the windmill,do the animation again but this time with two objects, just animate the spinny part,and keep it on its place but do not join them import all scenes and enable animtions.

This should work.

why? what? why weight paint? what is a bone doing there? use 2 objects, give the 'spinny part' (sometimes also referred to, as blades) an rotation ipo.

it takes u 1 minute