Animation not Playing in Unity

Sorry. I’m having trouble. The animation is an fbx file from Maya and it plays fine in Maya and in the Unity Preview, but once I set it as the default state in the animator controller, it just keeps showing the default A-pose model. I can’t tell if it’s the settings or how I exported the file. In Maya, I selected all, baked animation, deleted history, and then exported. All my objects are generic animation types, and I set them to loop. Could there be anything else that I’m missing? Thank you. Screenshot in thumbnails.

Since I don’t have much information to go off I did some google searches and came up with this list on why animation might not work and stay in T-Pose

  1. You animation is not assigned to the state
  2. Your animation does not match your rig.
  3. Your avatar is not setup in the animator component
  4. Turn off “Write Defaults” in the animation
  5. Try turning off the loop
  6. Try setting the avatar to humanoid

Sources I went to for this information