Animation not playing when returning to a previous loaded scene

Hey guys, hope you can help me

I have a scene which is loaded right after the game starts with this piece of code in an Awake function. The second line already starts the animation.

    yield Application.LoadLevelAsync("MenuScene");

And in this scene i load the proper "game Scene", and to return to this menu i use this code

public function ToMenuScene()
    yield Application.LoadLevelAsync("LoadingScene");

    var _loadLevel : AsyncOperation;
    _loadLevel = Application.LoadLevelAsync("MenuScene");

    yield _loadLevel;


Since internally i use Invokes to call the proper animations, i thought that could be it, but with multiple debugs i can see that all functions are called all the way to the end, except that on the second time i load the scene the menu doesn't perform any animation(it uses the animation component in unity, not a custom one).

If it helps, the animation is a multi-layered animation, but no layer is playing. Target platform is iOS.

Here's the code for the animation, animation names are in portuguese, just ignore. Both debugs show in the console

function Init()

    Debug.Log("init animation");
    animationComponent["Armor_Gira"].layer = 1;
    animationComponent["Armor_Gira"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop;

    animationComponent["Escudos_Gira"].layer = 2;
    animationComponent["Escudos_Gira"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop;

    animationComponent["GarraIdle1"].layer = 3;
    animationComponent["GarraIdle1"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Clamp;
    animationComponent["GarraIdle2"].layer = 3;
    animationComponent["GarraIdle2"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Clamp;
    animationComponent["GarraIdle3"].layer = 3;
    animationComponent["GarraIdle3"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Clamp;

    animationComponent["MenuBox1_Build"].layer = 4;
    animationComponent["MenuBox1_Build"].wrapMode = WrapMode.ClampForever;

    animationComponent["MenuBox1_Unbuild"].layer = 4;
    animationComponent["MenuBox1_Build"].wrapMode = WrapMode.ClampForever;

    animationComponent["MenuBox2_Build"].layer = 5;
    animationComponent["MenuBox2_Build"].wrapMode = WrapMode.ClampForever;

    animationComponent["MenuBox2_Unbuild"].layer = 5;
    animationComponent["MenuBox2_Build"].wrapMode = WrapMode.ClampForever;

    animationComponent["Orbit"].layer = 6;
    animationComponent["Orbit"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop;

    animationComponent["Camera_Anim1"].layer = 7;
    animationComponent["Camera_Anim1"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Clamp;

    animationComponent["Camera_Anim2"].layer = 7;
    animationComponent["Camera_Anim2"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Clamp;

    animationComponent["Camera_Anim3"].layer = 7;
    animationComponent["Camera_Anim3"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Clamp;


    Debug.Log("init end");

Any of you guys had this problem before? Any help or suggestion is deeply appreciated

If you are using Time.timescale value to pause the Game just make sure that you are turning it back to 1.!!

I had a problem that when I quit from my level to the menu the start up animation in the menu wouldn’t play. It turns out I paused the game and then clicked Quit to menu but never “Unpaused” the game so the animations are frozen. Perhaps that may be your problem?