Animation not playing when returning to a previous loaded scene

When I start my app, I have a animation the plays in the menu screen. This animation works great when it is first loaded upon opening the app, however, when I try to load the menu during any level of the game, the animation no longer plays in the menu screen. How can I fix this? Someone asked this question a few months ago and it never got answered. Thanks for any help.

I got the Same problem and i tried the above solution but didn’t worked.For me the problem was with the pause section in the game , In this game when we press Pause button the Time.timescale value will change in to ‘0’.That was creating problem.When i changed the Time .timescale value to ‘1’ in the Main Menu script problem solved. If you are using Time.timescale value to pause the Game just make sure that you are turning it back to 1.!!

The correct answer to Macdude2’s question is Unity_gamer’s answer, not GuyTidhar’s

Have you tried rewinding the animation?