Animation of the camera.

I want to animate my camera in position as well as the rotation. It is happening simultaneously. Help!

It’s pretty simple. Just open the animation window, hit the record button while you have the camera selected, name the animation and save it, move the object and rotate it to the starting position, move some frames up, repeat. That is how I handle my main menus when I want to add some extra umph(for lack of a better word).


  1. Open animation window
  2. Select Camera
  3. Hit Record Button
  4. Name and Save Animation
  5. Move Object to starting position
  6. Set frame up to target frame
  7. Move to next position/rotation
  8. repeat from step 6-7

Hope I helped

If you have some pocket money to spend - you could check out Camera Path on the asset store.

You can check this also.