Animation offset, Blender to Unity

I’ve exported animations all using the same character rig and a separate armature for an accessory bag.
3 of the 5 animations work as intended, but 2 of them have had issues and I cannot figure out why.
The first issue was that the satchel was not animating while the character body was, but that was due to the armature not having the same name as the one in the prefab.
The second issue is that once it did animate after changing the name, it would still have an offset and is not in the correct position. I’m not sure why it does that with these 2 animations, when it works fine for the other 3. I tried changing the position in Blender and exporting it, applying all transforms and exporting it, and other methods I could find online, but none works.
Please help me out as I have been digging my brains out for this problem. ,Hi,
I have exported multiple animations on the same character rig into Unity, however I am getting issues with 2 of the animations, where the satchel (separate rig bone from the character body) is offset and does not align properly. 3 of the animations work well and has no offset issues, but two of them do and I can’t for the life of me, find the issue why.
The first time I imported the animation to Unity and it didn’t work, I figured out that it was because the armature didn’t have the same name so I changed the name and while it animates, the offset is still there.
I tried applying transform to the armature in blender, and it does not do anything. Please help me out

This can be caused by several factors, such as incorrect transformations, differences in pivot points, or issues with the armature hierarchy. Here are some suggestions to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem:

Check the armature hierarchy and parenting:

Make sure that both the character and satchel armatures have the same parent object in Blender. If they are separate armatures, you may need to join them together to ensure proper alignment.

Apply transformations:

Before exporting, ensure that you’ve applied all the necessary transformations to both the character and satchel meshes and their respective armatures. In Blender, you can apply transformations by selecting the object, then pressing Ctrl+A and choosing “All Transforms”.

Review your animations in Blender:

Carefully examine your animations in Blender to ensure that the satchel’s position and orientation are correct. If there’s an offset issue, you may need to adjust the animations accordingly.

Check import settings in Unity:

Ensure that the import settings for both the character and satchel meshes are consistent across all the animations. In particular, verify that the “Rig” and “Animations” settings are set up correctly, and that the “Avatar Definition” and “Avatar” settings match for all the animations.

Test with a new animation:

Create a new, simple animation in Blender to test if the issue persists. If the new animation works correctly in Unity, this could indicate a problem with the specific animations that are exhibiting the offset issue.

Update Blender and Unity:

Ensure that you’re using the latest versions of Blender and Unity, as compatibility issues could contribute to unexpected results during the export and import process.

Let me know if any of these helps you narrow down the problem and provide us with some more information so we can try and nail it down.