Animation on Canvas

Is it possible to “Import” an animation to a Canvas? I’ve never tried to do such thing, and in this moment i am really needing something like that. I am making a space exploration game with a friend, and we don’t know how to do this…

I am making a UI (i always get confused about the difference between UI,GUI and HUD i think this is a UI), but i wanted to animate it.

I am using a simple image that shows the Astronaut’s suit info for now, but i wanted to make an animation that would make an image distort and it would be like a glitch. Could someone help me on that?

Yes you can do it … it is same as you do with normal gameobjects, simply add an Animator component to your UI element and then animate its Sprite property

Shaders…u use a shader to distort that image…but making that shader is another story…best way to go is watch some videos on shader graph,and making distortion shader(also with the help of videos)