Animation or particle effects, which is better for performance?

Hi all, Currently I am making a mobile game. My prime concern is performance efficiency / optimization of the game on various mobile devices.
When enemy gets destroyed there is a slight explosion. Which will be better to use, a png sequence animation or particle effects?
If am using particle effects will it cause any recognizable performance issue.

Hello, @Amal_Joy!

I suppose particle effects should be fine. At usually it looks better than animation. Question is how much particles would be there? 1000 or 5-20? And how many effects can be instantiated at same time? Few or 40-50?

Here is an example where I used few different particle systems and dissolve shader for mesh, each system had 1-2 particles limit. Had no any problems even when there was much more explosions at same time. But I used pooling system, it helps to speed up alot!
particle explosion