Animation orientation problem with humanoid rigging

I'm having a orientation problem while using Unity.
Basically, I made a working Idle-walk blend tree using character from mixamo, the model was imported and rigged humanoid, with a avatar created. Then I imported that model into blender and made a simple animation. I imported it into Unity and used humanoid rigging, while using the same avatar created previously.
When playing or previewing the animation, the character pointed 45 degrees away from forward. I'm not sure why it's happening, but It's not the first time it happened on this workflow. I checked and found that it's not bcause of applying root motion.
So, can someone please tell me any probable reasons? or perhaps there is a problem with how I made the animation in Blender? (This problem occured when i was using blender, and happened when I used a animation with root transform on mixamo)

8878101--1212762--using generic model preview.png

This one is the animation preview window using the model that came together while importing from blender.

8878101--1212765--using player character preview.png
This preview is with the actual player model with animator attached that I dragged from the hierachy.

For me it looks like the root rotation is messing it up.
You can take a look at it in "Animation" section in "Inspector" after clicking the prefab in "Project".


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Thanks for your help! That's literally the cause of the problem.
I didn't notice that there was a small snippet when I hover my mouse on the Root Transform Rotation --> Based Upon dropdown bar which says that " Body orientation would force the upper body pointing forward ". I made some testings with more animations that had the same problem and found that they are all animations with some orientation on the hip bone. Setting the Based Upon option to "Original" solves all the problem :smile: