Animation.Play() not playing

I have a game object that has a health variable. When the health is <= 0 the enemy should play a death animation. However the animation I have for it to play isn’t playing. I’m basically following these docs (Unity - Scripting API: Animation.AddClip) though I’m using v18.3 (maybe that’s my issue? I couldn’t find newer examples of this). There is no error in the console and all my print() statements are being hit.

I turned on Legacy mode for the animation as recommended in another post.

Edit: I should note the walking animation seems to momentarily stutter when the death animation should play.

My Code

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Enemy : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] float _health;
    [SerializeField] AnimationClip _deathAnimationClip;
    Animation anim;
    float _currentSpeed = 0;

    public void SetMovementSpeed(float speed) {
        _currentSpeed = speed;

    void Start() {
        Animator anim = GetComponent<Animator>();


    private void SetAnimations() {
        // Set death animation
        if (_deathAnimationClip != null) {
            anim = GetComponent<Animation>();
            anim.AddClip(_deathAnimationClip, "DeathAnimation");
        else {
            print("No death animation");

    void Update()
        transform.Translate(Vector2.left * _currentSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

    public void takeDamage(float damage) {
        _health -= damage;

        if (_health <= 0) {
            print("enemy is dead");
            _currentSpeed = 0;
            // TODO: Remove Rigibody so enemy can't still be hit

            if (anim != null){
            else {
                print("No death animation.");

            // Destroy(gameObject);

Game Object

Animation Controller

Are you sure you are supposed to use both an Animator component and an Animation component on the same object?

From what I see, it may be because the Animator one overrides the Animation.

If you want to use the Legacy system, try removing the Animator component, but I suggest you use Mecanim for managing your animations.