Animation Play Problem (Att: Video Example)


I have a simple animation of a rifle that recoils I made in Cinema 4D (modelled and animated). When I bring it into Unity and place it within my Player Control and hit Play, the model 'snaps' into a different place in where I didn't intend to place it.

Watch my Screen Cast Video to get a better understanding. You will notice that my rifle changes position every time I hit play (this only occurs when I add animation to the position of the model in Cinema 4D - its as if its using global coordinates for the animation -- I think??)

Please help

Thanks, Ollie

The issue is that you're changing the position of the root bone in the animation, whichis used for setting the global position via animation

What you could do if you need to move that bone is add another fake bone as parent to it, of which you'll never touch the rotation/position of. You'll have to remake any prefabs which contain your model if you do it that way though, as the prefab remembers which bones it was using from the model