animation.Play() won't work

Hi guys, here’s my problem:
The animation in the firts if statement (fill1) won’t play. All the other animations work, so it’s not caused by the animator, the print(“fill1”); appears in the console and I’ve also tried switching the animations between the differend if statements; fill1 will play, if it’s beeing called by a differend statement and none of the other (normaly working) animations won’t play either if they’re in the fill1 if statement.
So I’ve tried everything I could think of and I really hope somone knows a sollution cause I’m pretty helpless at the moment.
Thank’s in advance

public IEnumerator fill()
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(.01f);

        if (mixCounter == 2 && match == false)
        if (mixCounter == 1 && match == false)
        if (mixCounter == 0)
            finished = true;

hey , as i can see the code has no problem ( but its not optimised at all :smiley: )
so the problem can be where u are calling the function ,
maybe u calling the IEnumerator multiple with different values on "mixCounter " so the animation changes ,