Animation Playback Problem

Here’s another problem. -_- I have a moving platform that moves up and down, and I’ve positioned it where I want it and it’s scaled to size. However, it will move to the middle of my scene and play it there instead. I’ve tried everything, culling types, whatever, it just won’t work. I use Cinema 4D.

Hi there Computoguy! I think i may know what your problem is! I am a Blender user, but there are certain universal things 3d programs share, so i may be able to help :wink: I think your problem is this: In cinema, your platform is animated like this, it is at position 0, 0, 0, and then moves to your next assigned position, in unity, when you then move your platform and hit play, it wants to go back to 0, 0, 0, and so it snaps to the middle of your scene, playing there instead. How do you fix this? First of all, move your platform to the center of your scene again, then go to the menu GameObject and click ‘create empty’. Parent your platform to the empty gameObject, and then move the gameObject, not the platform, to the desired position, now when you hit play it should work. Hope this helped!