Animation playing automatically despite being told not to

Okay, this is really getting on my nerves now!! I’ve created a very simple animation using the Animation window by adding curves to certain properties. I’ve also applied an Animation component to the object and added the animation into the list. I’ve UNCHECKED the “play automatically” option but it still plays the instant the game starts. I would like to call the animation via a script, and I don’t need it forcefully playing when the game begins.

I would recommend just using Mechanim. Create an Animator Controller in the project window and put an Animator component on your player. Then put the Runtime Controller in the blank. You can also add an avatar. Now double click on the Runtime Controller in the blank you put it in on your player. Now a 2D view comes up. Drag your animation into that window. Then right click on the Any State rectangle, click Create Transition (or however it’s written) and click on your animation. This will make a transition. Now create a parameter in the bottom of the 2D pane that opened (a bool for example). Click on the arrow (transition) that goes from Any State to your animation. Under the “Conditions” tab in the inspector, select the bool/condition you created. Then set it to true. This means any time that parameter is true, the Animator Controller will make a smooth transition from “Any State” (can also be any other animation you put in) to your animation. To set the bool to true:

GetComponent<Animator>().SetBool("myBool", true);

And vise versa (false, etc).

I apologize if there’s any errors; I rarely use/used the animator controller/mechanim.