Animation plays faster in Unity 3.5.7 than it does in 3DS Max 2015

Hi guys, basically i am having to make a game for a college project but our college only has Unity 3.5.7 licenses at the current time.

Now i am making a simplistic rising logo animation for a splash screen and the issue which i am facing at the moment is this.

I create the animation inside of 3DS Max all timed to an audio file using simplistic auto key animating e.g. (no modifiers, morph target, vertex animation etc.)

But, when i import it into unity and play the animation it plays faster than the speed it was inside of 3DS Max so now it’s out of time with the audio file.

So is this because i’m using 3.5.7 with fbx’s from 3DS Max 2015 or is this because of some other bug? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t start using Unity until 4.5 so I’m not entirely sure what 3.5.7 holds. However in my version of unity there is an animation window. If you are doing Auto Key animation then you might be able to redo it in the unity animation window by spacing out some of your frames.

The animation window should be accessible under the Window Menu. Hope this helped. Good Luck.