Animation plays in editor but not in playmode

Dear reader,

Quick question:

I have a model of a butterfly flapping its wings.
Made the model in 3dsmax 2010 and tried exporting it with diffrent FBX exporters.

In unity i can see the animation in the animation editor and it plays.
Though as soon as i try to look into the playmode it doesnt play.

I added all the animationclips and required looping and such.
Its a small animation (10 frames) and whichever setting i try it doesnt make it move.

I have animated in unity3.3 and it worked like charm there.
Made no alterations to my workflow but now it just bugs out.

Anyone know the answer how to get my animation working in playmode?

The general project settings were limited to 0 timescale doh…
Crunchweeks make u dumb lol