Animation position offset


Hi have a 2d character with multiple animations set in mecanim.
All the animations are predetermined so I came to the conclusion that Timeline is the best way to handle them.

Problem is now when I import them on animation track, they are all messed up.

I tried to change track offset(apply Scene Offsets) and also "match offset to next/previous clip" on the timeline.

It works in Timeline Priview but still messed up in the game view.

Any idea?


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I sorted this out by recording position of some parent gameobject that weren't.


Stilll have a lot of trouble, some elements became offset, others don't.
can't find what is wrong.

For a mysterious reason it won't replicate the Z axis rotation of my character.
All is ok in the animation windows.

Also my main character is 2D rigged.
the parent gameObject have the animator component on it.
the Y position of this always offset. I tried every options.

I think the problem is that the animator component is on the character parent gameObject and this one is also animated.

I can fix this by setting the offset of each individual clip but there is a lot of them and they are called often. Is it not problem for performance since the offset have to be calculated each time?

If this is the problem should I rebuild all the hierachy of my character by adding an extra parent on top of the current parent which contain the animator now (since the animation binding are lost when you change the hierarchy)?

Before you rebuild your whole hierarchy, I would suggest that you file a bug report so we can look at it.

Maybe there's a bug, maybe we've already fixed it, or maybe we can give you an easier way of getting this fixed.

But without looking at it, it's really hard to diagnose this issue.

i have the same problem!

resolved?maybe i should update cinemachineļ¼Ÿ