animation /prefab

hi I have an animnation with 1 curve (for green Y postion) it's for a lift that moves up and down. Then I position my lift in the map (its a prefab) when I play the map the lift moves over to some other position and plays from there. Without setting up animation curves to control the position how can I get the lift to say in the postion i put it and only move up and down from there?

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Parent your lift object to another object and then move the parent object. You need to do this, because if there is an animation on the root transform, then animation overrides root transform values.

so where do i put the animation? when do i do the animation? do i do the animation first, on my object, then parent it to an empty game object? that doesn't seem to work

or do you mean animate the parent?

I believe he meant to do something like create an unrendered plane where you want the elevator to be, lock its position, and then make the elevator a child of the plane. That way nothing will show and the elevator should animate from where it was. Just uncheck the Mesh Renderer to make it invisible.

I have a similar project where I have some parent objects the player can move around, and the animations are attached to the towers, and it works just fine. In those cases the parent object is visible as the animation radiates from it, but seems similar.