animation problem in mecanim

Animation problem in mecanim…

it is human character… i did create a avatar.

fbx file is working fine (checked it Maya)baked the animation.

removed the constrains,unneeded bones and other objects, so now the scene has only the Armature (bones) and the mesh.
there is only one active action in the Action/NLA editor (blender).
changed the pivot point to the center of the feet-bottom(blender).
i even tried changing the forward axis (from z to -z)nothing seems to work.

i applied scale values for mesh {so the scale of object is 1,1,1 Rotation is 90,0,0 and Location 0, 0.27, -0.042 and armature (bones) is location 0, 0, 5.2 Rotation is 0,0,0 and scale is 1,1,1} - IN BLENDER.

all i end up with deformed mesh without animation.

HAHAHAHA hahaha. You are just like me in the past! It took me SOOO LOONG to figure it out.

Anyway, I’ll just tell u the steps, and if they’re vague, PLEASE ask me to be more specific.

  • Rig, skin, animate object in Blender (and you may have multiple animations).
  • When exporting as FBX , you need -Z forward, Y up. Also, make sure to deselect everything except armature and mesh. Do NOT include ‘default take’. That’s about it… All this is if your character had z as up, y as forward, and x as side in Blender.

You know something weird? I recently saved my cool rigged skinned robot in my Unity folder as a Blender file, and all the axis were already correctly placed!!! A picture:


Well, I hope this helped, and again, ask if you need to. -Hyperion