animation problem!

Well, i place my doors in my level, now i want them to open: no problem i made it with activate trigger and a sphere collider but i also want them to close so i made a very simpel script for my doors.

#pragma strict
var animatie:String;   // dit script is fckd up en was bedoelt om deuren te laten sluiten
var animatie1:String;

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {

function OnTriggerExit (other : Collider) {

i made animations in unity with movements on the x-axis and can't imagine what went wrong but my doors now neither want to open or close.Please note that i'm a total beginner in scripting and that some words are in dutch beceause i live in belgium.

Are you sure your animations are named “animatie” and “animatie1” ?