Animation problem

Hi all,this is my first time here and sorry for my bad english :smiley:

Well,i use unity becouse i saw that are perfectly compatible with blender,then i made a weapon(with hands)in blender:

i did the animation(shooting),exported to fbx and i imported to unity. Without animation the weapon looks good like in blender(except for transparent texture in right arm):

But when i chose the shooting animation happends that:


The right arm stay inverted,i change a lot of options in blender to export and saw forums but i donโ€™t find nothing,please help me,make arms costs me a lot of time(iโ€™m newbie) nad i dont want make another arms :frowning:

In 3dsmax usually this is caused by the mirror tool and is solved with the resetxform. I dont know in the blender. This can be a useful to you?

Iโ€™m waiting an answer,i searched for google but nothing,is it so complicated the problem?